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For more than 25 years, Roval is the market leading specialist in cotton rolls for calendering and is 100% dedicated to their production. The rovalrolls technology is widely used for the calendering and embossing of paper textiles.

1991 : Roval founded with the objective of providing a dedicated, state of the art service in the field of cotton filled rolls.

2015 : Market research confirm Roval’s position as the worldwide market leader for cotton filled rolls for supercalenders and embossing calenders.

2016 : Major investment in new workshop capacity for pressing and machining.

Roval is located in France with its registered office in Paris.

Roval’s main production has been located in Corbehem, in the northern part of France, since the compagny’s creation in 1991. In addition to Roval’s production facility in Corbehem, Roval can service your needs through the operation of on-site roll services centres at your mill.

16 000 new calender roll covering or recovering produced in the last 25 years.

Market share in Europe in excess of 50%.

International sales comprise over 85% of Roval’s activity. Production site located in Corbehem (North of France). Direct collections and deliveries are organised for most countries in Europe and worldwide.

Short delivery times are made possible by the storage of cover materials in Corbehem for the majority of typical cotton roll dimensions.

Logistics provided : Europe and worldwide.

To judge rovalroll’s commitment to realise this vision of our business, entrust us with the care of your calender rolls, experience our technical know-how, our product range and our associated services (e.g. shaft maintenance, cover machining, logistics), all at competitive prices…

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